Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So, these past few days since returning from the last show I have been giving a lot of thought to the advice that was given to me from my fellow artisans. The advice was that I need to get my products marketed in as many avenues as possible so that they may gain the best and fullest exposure. So, with this sound advice I have opened a store on the website Etsy. This is a wonderful site where people go there knowing they are searching for pieces and know that each item is an original hand-made product by an artist. I think this is what I have struggled with for so many years, is getting the message to people that my items are not massed produced but hand-made, 1 by 1 by myself or inconjunction with another artist.

So, as time goes on I will post my jewelry (haven't seen that in a long, long time have you!), shawl pins, shawl sticks, painted shoes, belts with glass buckles, and oh yes, my infamous crystal snowflakes!! So check it out when you have a chance http://www.artisticvisiondesign.etsy.com/ . I will always be updating it with new items for sale that I find in my studio or am creating.

Just a side note, I am currently working on a 7' glass waterfall that runs down a set of steps leading to our backyard. This is a massive project and is a true 1 of a kind idea. We are filming the entire process for sanity reasons! I'll post progress results as time goes on.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reporting In After Raleigh Show

I have just spent the last week in Raleigh, NC at A Shopping Spree! the Junior League show which was great! Very exhausting, but fun none the less. The ladies, JL'ers and shoppers were wonderful. However the hours of this show were very long and I was glad to get home to relax and get rest!! I had several new items in this show, incredible hand-dye silk shibori scarves, silk shibori flowers with magnetic backs, pashmina shawls, then my standard items like the Horst Couture Lattice Shawls, Hand-Painted Shoes, Glass Bracelets, and the real show stoppers were the one-of-a-kind original Fayla Reiss wraps that I brought in just for this show. These pieces were beyond incredible.

I have to tell you about my fellow vendors the best part of the show. As most of you know I have done both retail and wholesale shows for years now and have numerous neighbors at the shows. Each show I just love my fellow neighbors but these gals, and guy were the best. Beth from Lucky Drops (fab jewelry designer) was too much fun to be around. Her designs are a must and very affordable, http://www.luckydrops.com/ , plus her infectious happy personality you will just love! Jump on her site to see all of her collection or catch her at a show. Then there was our pistol of a lady Ruth, Home Field Inc. She had the most incredible 3-d collegiate and professional atheletic football & baseball fields. These were really cool and a great gift for anyone who loves sports. Then there was our token man, Mike. No, not my husband this time. He kept us laughing and shaking our heads wondering if he was serious. What fun he was. What wonderful handmade children's boxes he had.

Anyway, the show was fun and well run, Raleigh is a beautiful town. I did get a chance to spend a wonderful night with my aunt and catch up with her (over due!) on Sunday. So now back to the studio and the holiday orders and getting things and show schedules lined up for next year.